Green Building

Cornerstone Construction Group, a leading Green Design/Build firm; has strived to close the gap between the natural and built environment for years. We want to help our customers understand what green design is all about, as well as offer assistance and guidance to homeowners eager to contribute to the global effort of protecting the health of our planet. Cornerstone is committed to helping you consider and choose among all available options, materials and technologies in the market today, which can help make your building project.... truly "green".

To achieve such ambitious goals, our LEED AP architect has developed a series of green best practices, from recycling to insulating, low VOC paint and caulk, to recommending the latest in energy efficient systems and appliances, and so much more.

Why Should you Care about Green Building?

"The true cost of a house is not its "sticker" price, but what it costs you to own and operate every month." Would an investment made into what is likely to be your largest and only appreciating asset make sense to help you achieve any of the following benefits?:

  • Savings on Utility Bills
  • Improved Comfort
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Higher Resale Value
  • A Smaller CO2 Footprint

By reducing your energy use and conserving resources you not only help preserve the environment, but you also save money, protect yourself from rising energy costs, and help reduce our country's dependence on foreign sources of energy. For your next Green restoration, renovation, addition, or new home construction project, please give us a call to build your dreams into a reality.