Why Design/Build

Design/build is a construction project delivery system where the design and construction aspect are contracted with a single company known as the design/builder. Design/build minimizes the project risk for Cornerstone's clients and gives them a seamless and cost-effective project from one accountable source.

Our team's expertise in combining the design, budget, permit, and construction schedules allows us to streamline the construction process for you. In having this single source relationship your liabilities are minimized and your efficiencies are maximized. This relationship ultimately results in a cost savings to our clients. Through design/build we are able to understand and capture our client's needs and reflect them in the design and construction of their project, which ultimately saves them money.

The design/build approach allows us to determine if your project is feasible in terms of your budget before we proceed with design. It also gives our clients someone who is solely accountable, as well as creates cohesiveness between the design and construction that ensures that your expectations are met.

The design phase of a project allows us to begin to develop a lasting relationship with our clients. This phase allows us to get to know our clients and gain an understanding of the goals and vision of their construction project. Through the enhanced communication of the design phase we are able to form a trusting relationship with our clients that allow everyone to be comfortable prior to construction starting.

Let Cornerstone exceed your expectations by ensuring your vision is achieved and your budget is met by letting our design/build team provide you with the expert design and quality construction that you deserve. On your next project, come see why our attention to detail and dedication to excellence have earned us a respected reputation for always standing behind the work we do.